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stamp: ALiAS - a bad romance.. by SimbiAni stamp: ALiAS - a bad romance.. by SimbiAni
Just felt like making a stamp from my fanart manip I did a while back. Whoo! :D

:heart: Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper), Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan), and Julian Sark (David Anders).

Check out the original pic on FLiCKR: [link] (w/my notes + links to PhotoBucket ;P)

- SimbiAni xoxoxo
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ana-mcgoldens Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
Alias!Alias!Alias!Yes,yes,yes! \o/
Didn't like the Syd/Will part much,but score on putting Sark there :heart: and Vaughn's still side by side with Sydney :love:
SimbiAni Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010   General Artist
LOL what?! :o How could you not like Will?! :wow: His long-unrequited love for Sydney just melted my heart.. :aww: and tho of course I loved Vaughn too (at least before the writing had Lauren drive him insane :hmm: ..and then later when he was better again, heh near the end), I was totally cheering Sydney & Will on when they sort of developed *mutual* feelings for each other, however brief that was.. ;P Sark was always crazy, but he certainly had chemistry with them so I couldn't resist liking him anways.. :roll: So yea, that's my ALiAS OT4! Whoo! :giggle:
ana-mcgoldens Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
I do like Will,I just don't like the idea of Will and Syd as more than best friends nearly siblings(not in the Russo way,of course)...I loved it when Will was dating the black girl who died in season 2,what was her name,anyway?But they were cute.
Sark means Sex in whatever language his family speaks(we never really know where he's from anyway) hahaha :heart:
SimbiAni Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010   General Artist
Syd's best friend Francie! :sniff: But the worst thing about that was that she was killed before they even got involved I think (if I remember correctly) because she was replaced by Allison who got some kind of surgery to look exactly like her and replace her so she could get info about Sydney thru Will.. gahh the writing of that show was INSANE, lmao! :movingon:

About Sark.. :o WHUT?! He was Russian, lol at least his heritage was (his father was said to have descended from the Romanovs) and he'd spent time in England & Ireland when he was young. I don't recall ever hearing anything about his name meaning something like that.. but rotfl! :roll:
ana-mcgoldens Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
It doesn't,I was only joking about Sark's name :D

Russian,huh?I knew they said it somewhere haha I was between Russia and Netherland,don't really know why.Hes all mysterious anyway...

Yes!Francie!Well,if they weren't yet,they were pretty close to being involved,I'm sure of it.

Yeah,the writing was something =P I mean,we could NEVER tell who was Irina loyal to.Sometimes,we couldn't even trust Jack!And that time when even Vaughn's loyalty was questioned?I mean,third season and we couldn't even trust Sydney!Truly insane writing ;)
SimbiAni Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010   General Artist
LOL FOREVER.. well sometimes jokes don't come out as intended online, but lmao! :rofl:

And yea.. actually, come to think of it, how the heck was I a fan of this show anyways?! :confused: It's all pain, angst, pain, betrayal, some more angst, and more betrayal! AHH!! :disbelief:

..wait, now I remember. :roll: It's because I'm just a sucker for a pretty face, and this show had more than a few.. ;P Plus there's no resisting the adorkable awkwardness that was Marshall Flinkman!! :D
ana-mcgoldens Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
It may be angst and pain and angst and betrayal and pain,but that's probably why we love it?haha yeah,definitely.

Ooh,it does have pretty faces :heart: and Marshall Flinkman is God,but with better gadgets =P
SimbiAni Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010   General Artist
LOL Marshall FTW! :giggle: I saw the return of his geektastic-ness when he guest-starred in an ep of Human Target [link] last spring, & OMG, it was SO hilarious, I was having total Alias flashbacks! :D

..umm. ^^; Actually, I personally try to really avoid those.. :hmm: I SWEAR I DO! :disbelief: lmao but certain things keep pulling me in! :roll: There are certain circumstances tho where I'm somewhat ~accepting of angst, but it's very rare.. ;P baasically, I'm ~more about the general idea of awesome (& snarky!) ppl just saving the day while being brilliantly bad-@$$! :excited: (& also preferably the non-violent kind, but sometimes, you just can't avoid it!)
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